Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other health issues regretfully Razani Bed & Breakfast permanently closed from spring 2020.

Thank you to all our previous guests for your tremendous support over the past few years. It has been wonderful to meet you all and you will be very much missed.

A little about Razani -

We are not sure where the name for our property originated. On the feudal deeds (title deeds in Scotland) for the property back in 1954, it says "shall be constructed a bungalow or dwelling-house to be called "Razani" - so the property has always had this name.

From our research, "Razani" appears to be a small well, located deep in the Kandahar desert. The original occupant of our home, whom it was built for, was Lt Colonel Millar who served with the Indian Army and we believe that he named the property after this location. Certainly this would explain the colonial style porch and other unusual aspects of the buildings design.

To find out more about Annan and the surrounding area visit www.annan.org.uk